Welcome to Lobo's Town... Podcast 9


Nuevo Podcast...

...Welcome Back to Lobo's Town.






"And Gravity wants to bring me down".

"Oh! I could show you the ropes".

"They tried to make go rehab, I said no, no no".

"Put all those rumours to bed"

"You start on the edge and you end on your own".

"Being you can't be easy".

"And you look half dead, half the time"

"Take a look at this hand, babe, now!".

"Jaded by the opposite of love".

"This town seems hardly worth our time".

"Don't you wanna feel my bones on your bones?".

"One by one, baby, here they come".




"You've got to promise me not to stop when I say when".



Listen Carefully, please.



El Señor Lobo.

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