Distant flickering,
Greener scenery,
This weather's bringing it all back again.
Great adventures,
Faces and condensation,
I'm going outside to take it all in.

You say too late to start got your heart in a headlock,
I don't believe any of it.
You say too late to start with your heart in a headlock,
You know you're better than this.

Wear a different pair,
Just something out of step,
Throw a stranger an unexpected smile.
With big intention,
Still posted at your station,
Always on about the day it should have flown.

Siempre hay canciones que nos gustarian que nunca dejaran de sonar... como esta de arriba...


"Distant flickering..."

I know i'm better than this.


P.S.: ¿Os habéis enterado ya de "El Futuro"? ahorrando para el.

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