Oh.. Baby I Need Your Loving!

Hace algún tiempo que no ponía la letra de una canción... hoy toca una de los Four Tops, un grupo mítico de la MoTown. Espero que os guste... hoy no pongo la traducción porque no tengo tiempo.

Oh, oh, oh...... Baby, I need your lovin' Baby, I need your lovin' Although you're never near Your voice I often hear Another day, another night I long to hold you tight Cause I'm so lonely *Baby, I need your lovin' Got to have all your lovin' Baby, I need your lovin' Got to have all your lovin' Some say it's a sigh of weakness For a man, babe Then weak I'd rather be If it means havin' you to keep Cause lately I've been losing sleep (Repeat *) Every nights I call your name Oh, sometimes I wonder Will I ever be the same, oh yeah When you see me smile, you know Things I've got get it up, stop Any smile you might see Has all been rehearsed Darling I can't go on without you This emptiness won't let me Live without you This loneliness inside me darling Makes me feel half alive (Repeat *)


P.S.: Esta se la dedico ha alguien que esta en mi cabeza.

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Marta -

Mmmm, suena bien! Iba a poner yo misma la traducción, pero es que tengo mucho que leerte aún!!